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Lightning Flames and Iron Shadows
Posted on Aug 01— 3 hours ago
Anonymous ;  
the fact that kubo is keeping senjumaru shutara as a very mysterious zero division member must mean only one thing, she's one heck of an important character and a bad ass powerful shinigami and she might be also a special war potential, ugh i cant wait to see her in battle and her background story!

Yeah, Anony-san. I also think she should be very powerful as well as all members of the Zero Division. Mysterious characters ever to fascinate readers. If Kubo-sensei successfully exploited this arc as well, it will bring a lot of fans back.

I expect a great battle! image

Posted on Jul 25— 6 days ago
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No Regrets ANIME?


According to this website,SNK(comic) Vol15 will have A Choice With No Regrets OVA.
I wonder which designs will be based on,NamanikuATK,Hikaru Suruga,or Kyouji Asano




Posted on Jul 25— 1 week ago
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Barakamon OP |「らしさ」by SUPER BEAVER
Posted on Jul 25— 1 week ago

Title: Unravel
Artist: Tokyo Ghoul
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Tokyo Ghoul Opening Full

Posted on Jul 25— 1 week ago
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Anonymous ;  
what do you think senjumaru shutara invented? It seems to me like her invention revolves around weaving and clothing that protects soul reapers from anything that can damage their bodies, what do you think she invented?

I agree with you, Anony-san.

Besides clothing of shinigami, I think she also made ​​the first manipulations of materials for the composition of a soul and a hollow. And so being able to do the first modified souls.

Posted on Jul 24— 1 week ago
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Anonymous ;  
if you read bleach, whos your favorite zero division member? And what do you think senjumaru shutara's abilities? Ugh kubo better not disappoint when we finally get to see her in battle/her history

Oh yeah, Anony-san! My favorite zero division member is Shutara.

I guess she was member or founder of 12th divison, (according to the manga when she met Mayuri, the safety of the lab was weak compared to when she was there) and she has a powerful intelligence.

I think her powers are related to large search and manipulation of souls, like Urahara but with a much greater potential.


I have a great expectation about her.

Posted on Jul 23— 1 week ago
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Shinon | Sword Art Online II
Posted on Jul 21— 1 week ago
akazuka ;  
Parabéns atrasado xD Muitas felicidades para você!

Awwn. Obrigada, Vitty!! image kisses ;*

Posted on Jul 21— 1 week ago
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serenarla ;  
Mittttttt-chan maninha *-* Parabéns felicidades tudo de bom hoje e sempre s2 =***

Anwwnn :3 Obrigada, Cah-neechan!! kisses ;*


Posted on Jul 20— 1 week ago
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Natsu: Kagura-chan, I think you don’t need to take your katana to surf.

Kagura: But we can meet a shark.

p.s.: I confess it was funny to draw this.

fanart by mitcheu | requested by davontewagner
Posted on Jul 19— 1 week ago

Prontinho, Gabi! Uma Levy versão colorida 。◕‿◕。

fanart by mitcheu | requested by purple--soul
Posted on Jul 18— 2 weeks ago

Actually I’m neutral about pairs for Laxus. But here’s a Laxana for you.

fanart by mitcheu | requested by lightningcards
Posted on Jul 15— 2 weeks ago
Kirito & Asuna | Sword Art Online II
Posted on Jul 14— 2 weeks ago
Levi Ackerman | Chapter 59
Posted on Jul 12— 2 weeks ago